La conférence des animaux pour l'environnement
(20 épisodes de 5 minutes)
Diffusion sur NHK kyouiku TV (NHK éducation) depuis le 20 mars 2010

Based on:“La conférence des animaux pour l'environnement”published by société Nûrue
Scenario: Masanori Iuchi
Director: Junji Nishimura
Animation: Studio Deen
Production / Authorship: The Animal Conference on the Environment
Production Council NHK international Inc. , IMA Group Inc. , NURUE Inc.

[Synopsis des épisodes]

1.Elegant Power Generation

The animals make a mighty effort to generate power by running on their own legs. Exhausted and in darkness, they are awed by the lights of the Milky Way above. Bored by running, they dance instead wildly to rock music.

2.Rainbow Picnic

The animals have come for a picnic but someone has forgotten the food! They gather and cook wild foods from the forest instead. It is all great fun until they roll down the hill after a wayward rice ball and plunge into the stream. A beautiful rainbow forms in the spray.

3.Save the Endangered Species!

The iguana twins are proud of the elixir of long life they have invented to save endangered species. The sudden appearance of a Tyrannosaurus Rex throws everybody into a panic!

4.The Dream Eco-house

The panda, a power company president, receives a photo of an odd building and is suddenly invited inside. It is the hedgehog’s eco-house! The dream ends but the panda is now more aware than ever of the energy problem.

5.With Love From Space

An orbiting elevator connects the earth with space. The animals are going up for the first ever space concert. They also mess with the machinery, however, and the elevator whisks straight past the concert venue and on into space!

6.Super-Transportation Declaration

The animals get together to show each other their respective eco-friendly means of transportation. Arriving last in his ultimate eco-car is Max. His car has the other animals astonished.

7.Diaper Rhapsody

Disposable diapers are quite useful. However, in these ecological times, they can be a great waste. Max, who loves to invent, suggests using his newly invented “Idea Eco-Diaper”, but this ends up causing a great commotion.

8.Dream Interpreting

The animals discuss the strange dreams they had the previous night. As they talk about the dreams in further detail, it becomes clear that collectively, the dreams are hinting at something. What could these dreams mean?

9.Pied Piper

The animals are concerned about the piling garbage, but don’t have a solution for the problem. A strange man tells them about a dreamlike device called the “Super Garbage Disposal” that will solve their problem. Trusting his word, the animals carry their garbage to this garbage disposal. However…

10.Treasure Island

The animals sail off to a Treasure Island they found out about from an old map. On their way, they encounter a pirate ship also heading to the Treasure Island. What treasure awaits the animals upon their arrival at the Island?

11.Magic Seeds

The animals are all hungry, but they only have one rice ball to share. Then, the mysterious Haidala appears. He offers to trade a magic seed that instantly bears fruit for the rice ball.

12.Exchange-of-Goods Meeting

The animals decide to hold an exchange meeting to trade items that they no longer need. The interesting thing about an exchange meeting is that with the different perspective of a new owner, seemingly useless items may become useful again.

13.Animals Go to the Moon

The animals travel on a journey to the moon. They are surprised to learn that the same vegetables found on Earth can also be cultivated inside the Moon Base. Pao then goes out alone to enjoy the world of weightlessness.

14.Open Water Party

The animals are happily playing in the river. They notice a school of king salmon swimming upstream, and to their surprise, they see Bohdi comfortably riding the back one. Next, the animals discover a strange looking hill created with branches. What could this mysterious structure be?

15.Introduction to Fashion Trends

Fashionable Jan invites the animals to “Earth Room”, a room that can reproduce any type of environment on Earth. His plan is to suggest fashion trends suitable to various environmental situations. However, there seems to be a problem with Earth Room, causing a panic.

16.Deep Blue

Aboard a submarine, the animals go on an adventure of the undersea world. Living deep in the ocean are many strange creatures. They are then suddenly attacked by a giant squid, but are able to escape with the use of a secret device. The submarine then breaks down and they lose control, sending them deeper into the deep sea.

17.Genie of the Lamp

The animals awaken from a long, long hibernation and find themselves in an unfamiliar room. They are told that the world is in trouble and that the room is the only safe place on Earth. But animals are curious to find out what happened to the world, and decide to leave the room. What will they find?

18.Magical Mystery Tour

The animals receive an invitation from Haidala to participate in a tour of the rice terraces. The animals are eager to set foot in this “Magical Rice Terrace” but there is something peculiar about this place.

19.Wind Path

Aboard a blimp, the animals set out to observe the city from above. Seeing the landscape from above, they learn that trees planted on rooftops and certain placements of buildings help alleviate the Heat Island effect. The animals learn about the importance of wind flow.

20.Earth Exposition

The animals set off to visit an “Earth Exposition”, where one can experience the 4.6 billion year history of Earth in a single visit. They’re especially interested in the age of the dinosaur, but panic at the sight of Tyrannosaurus Rex.

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