Story of Indonesia Forest

Produced by OISCA and Mr. Masanori Iuchi

Pictures by Ms. Kazuyo Miyachi and Marielou

SHIBORAN: Selamat Siang!

PRESENTER: Shiboran, a Hercules beetle, said in a loud voice. "Selamat Siang" means "Hello" in the Indonesian language. Let’s greet Shirabon in the Indonesian language. One, two, three: "Selamat Siang"

PRESENTER: This is Indonesia, Shiboran’s homeland. Beautiful terraced rice fields are everywhere. Terraced rice fields are paddy fields built on skewed land. They look just like stairs.

PRESENTER: Today, they are going to plant rice together with the animals coming from other countries.

HALLY: Rice planting is a hard work!

PRESENTER: Hally, a hedgehog from Germany, said while sweating.

SHIBORAN: Yes, we plant one by one by hand.

PRESENTER: Shiboran is teaching the other animals how to plant rice seedlings.

MOOLE: Even though it’s a hard work, if we do it altogether, it’s fun!

PRESENTER: Moole, a peacock from India, said while singing.

ZOUMAMA: I wonder what Takku is doing now. He is late.

PRESENTER: Zoumama, an elephant from Kenya, said anxiously. Takku did not arrive yet.

TAKKU: Hi, everyone ! I am sorry I kept you waiting.

PRESENTER: Takku has come pushing a rice planting machine.

TAKKU: If we use this machine, we can do rice planting in no time!

SHIBORAN: Woah, it’s very easy!

PRESENTER: Shiboran is planting rice with the rice planting machine.

TAKKU: Well, this is the only rice planting machine in the world I remodeled for today.

PRESENTER: Takku seems very proud. But...

"Bon", "bon", "bon", somewhat strange sounds are heard from the rice planting machine. What has happened ? "Bo", "bo", "bo", "bo", "bo",

PRESENTER: "Bon", "tsu", "tsu"!

Making loud noises, the rice planting machine jumped out from the rice field

SHIBORAN: "Wah", " wah" , "wah"!

PRESENTER: Shiboran also popped out of the rice field.

EVERYONE: We have to help Shiboran!

PRESENTER: Everyone panicked, but the rice planting machine kept on moving forward.

SHIBORAN: "Help, help!"

PRESENTER: The rice planting machine, pulling Shiboran, is going into the forest with high speeds.

EVERYONE: Hey, wait!

SHIBORAN: Where on earth are we going?

PRESENTER: Shiboran shouted in a tearful voice.

PRESENTER: Normally, the forest is a quiet place. But today, it’s a big fuss. “What’s going on here?” The creatures of the forest seem to be very surprised.

And when they got out of the forest......


EVERYONE: Ouch! Ouch!

PRESENTER: They strongly collided with something. Shiboran was turning his eyes.

TAKKU: Shiboran, are you all right?

PRESENTER: Takku asked anxiously.

SHIBORAN: ......Tidak apa-apa!

PRESENTER: Shiboran said while rising up. “Tidak apa-apa” means “all right” in the Indonesian language. But it was a relief just for a moment.

PRESENTER: The animals came across mountains of dirty garbage! The rice planting machine and the animals stopped because they bumped into the piled up garbage.

HALLY: Woah, look at this pile of garbage!

PRESENTER: Hally shouted in a big surprise. Candy bags, empty cans and bottles, a lot of garbage is even in the river.

MOOLE: Hey, everyone! The problem is not only garbage, but the forest is disappearing!

PRESENTER: Moole said in pallid face. The trees around have been all cut down. What has happened there ?

SHIBORAN: Currently, more and more forests are destroyed and are changed into factories and houses in Indonesia. A lot of beautiful environments have been lost. If we leave the situation as it is, we will have serious problems!

PRESENTER: Shiboran, in sad look, explained to everyone. The forests and rivers in Indonesia seem to be in great difficulties.

SHIBORAN: If garbage is continually thrown away here and there, we will have no place to play. The other day, when one of my friends was playing in the river, he had his foot hurt by a waste glass bottle.

ZOUMAMA: It’s terrible that even children’s playgrounds are lost.

PRESENTER: Zoumama said instinctively. The animals feel that they have to do something.

TAKKU: OK, let’s clear up the garbage!

PRESENTER: Takku said so and converted the broken rice planting machine into something like a shopping cart.

SHIBORAN: We can carry a lot of garbage with this gadget.

PRESENTER: Shiboran said delightedly.

EVERYONE: Heave-ho, heave-ho, heave-ho!

PRESENTER: Everyone is trying to clear up the garbage. Takku’s invention is very useful.

HALLY: We will be able to dispose the garbage, but how about the lost forest? What shall we do?

PRESENTER: Hally mumbled.

UUTA: Hey, everyone!

PRESENTER: It’s Uuta’s voice. Uuta is an animal living in the same Indonesian forest like Shiboran.

UUTA: Let’s plant trees together!

PRESENTER: He is carrying seedlings in both hands. The bird next to him is a Javanese mountain hawk who has carried a lot of seedlings with Uuta. All the animals agreed with Uuta and mountain hawk.

EVERYONE: Let’s plant trees!

PRESENTER: Mahogany, Cinnamon, Papaya, Albasia and Teak seedlings. The animals plant the trees one by one with all their hearts.

SHIBORAN: Wishing for a rich forest to recover!

PRESENTER: Shiboran said in a loud voice.

EVERYONE: Wishing for a rich forest to recover !

PRESENTER: The other animals echoed Shiboran and laughed together. The trees everyone planted will surely grow well and will develop into a joyful forest.

UUTA: Indonesia is a rich agricultural country. If forests develop healthy and garbage is not thrown away, rivers and the sea will also become healthy. Then, delicious foods should certainly grow in forests, rice paddies and fields.

PRESENTER: Uuta said to everyone.

SHIBORAN: I hope the rice planted today will also grow well.

PRESENTER: Shiboran said.

EVERYONE: We wonder how the Indonesian rice tastes. We are looking forward to tasting it.

PRESENTER: Well, what kind of trip is waiting for the animals next ?

The end.