Story of Thai Forest

Produced by OISCA and Mr. Masanori Iuchi

Pictures by Ms. Kazuyo Miyachi and Marielou

BUAKHAW: Sawasdee khrap! Welcome to my homeland, the Thai forest!

PRESENTER: Buakhaw, a python, greeted cheerfully.

TAKKU: “Sawasdee khrap” means “Hello”, doesn’t it?

PRESENTER: Takku, a raccoon dog from Japan, said it looking at a Thai guidebook.

ZOUMAMA: Hey Takku, I heard that women say “Sawasdee kha”!

PRESENTER:Replied Zoumama, an elephant from Kenya. The way of saying “Hello” is a little different for men and women.

WANIIRU and SHIBORAN: Hey, let’s go now!

PRESENTER: Waniiru, a crocodile from Brazil and Shirabon, a Hercules beetle from Indonesia said impatiently. Everyone seems to be going on a picnic.

PRESENTER: Everyone was walking cheerfully on a path in the forest.

SHIBORAN: Is there anyone making a bonfire?

PRESENTER: Shirabon noticed a rising smoke.

TAKKU: Let’s bake sweet potatoes!

PRESENTER: Takku said imagining hot baked sweet potatoes.

PRESENTER:But, but… Buakhaw looks very anxious.

BUAKHAW: Hey Takku, Shirabon, wrong! That is……

BUAKHAW: Wildfire!

PRESENTER: Mera Mera Mera! Goh, Goh, Goh!
Looking at the blazing flame, the animals became panicked.

EVERYONE: Oh no! This is serious!! Somebody, help! Help!


WANIRU: We must put out the fire quickly! Water! Where is the water?

PRESENTER: Waniru is frantically looking for water. The flame is rapidly spreading.

ZOUMAMA: Hey everyone, it’s okay!

PRESENTER: Zoumama came over shaking the large body in a leisurely pace.

WANIRU: No, it's not okay, Zoumama! The forest might burn out!

PRESENTER: Waniru shouted. But Zoumama still looked easygoing.

ZOUMAMA: Leave it to me!

PRESENTER: Zoumama extended the long nose towards the sky.

ZOUMAMA: One, two, three!

PRESENTER: Water spouted out from the long nose of Zoumama. She brought full of water in her body from the near-by river. The force of fire is gradually weakening.

EVERYONE: Zoumama, it’s great!

PRESENTER: The animals clapped their hands in applause.

PRESENTER: The fire is gone and everyone felt relieved. The animals decided to take a break on top of the hill overlooking the forest.

TAKKU: Hmm. The forest looks strange.

PRESENTER: Takku said with wondering eyes.

TAKKU: Why are there a few trees? It’s a bald mountain!

PRESENTER: Then, Buakhaw murmured with a sad face.

BUAKHAW: Well, it is because of the slash-and-burn farming.

EVERYONE: Slash-and-burn farming?

PRESENTER: Everyone was surprised and looked at Buakhaw.

BUAKHAW: Slash-and-burn farming is a cultivation method in which farmers burn part of the forest and convert it into a field. If they harvest crops for a few years, the land becomes infertile. Then, they burn a different place and convert it into a field.

PRESENTER: Having listened to this explanation, Waniru spontaneously interrupted Buakhaw talking.

WANIRU: Hey, hey, if they continue doing like that, the forest will be gone!

BUAKHAW: Yeah, Waniru. In the old days, they were doing slash-and-burn farming little by little waiting for the burnt part to recover. But now it is not the case. To human beings, increasing fields is much more important than restoring the forests. Besides, the fire in Slash-and-burn farming often spreads to some other areas and becomes wildfire.

Everyone: It’s terrible!

PRESENTER: The animals said all together.

PRESENTER: Buakhaw continued the talk with gloomy face.

BUAKHAW: If trees decrease, the forest can’t store water even if it rains. Then, terrible disasters, landslides and floods may occur. If the things are left as they are, the forest of my homeland will be gone.

PRESENTER: After listening to Buakhaw’s talk, the animals think over what to do.

WANIRU: We have to put a stop to Slash-and-burn farming in order to protect the forest!

PRESENTER: Waniru said angrily.

TAKKU: I think it’s better to ask the government and political leaders for protecting the forest because it is everyone’s property. Right?

PRESENTER: Takku advocated his opinion.

PRESENTER: Finally Shiboran said with severe face.

SHIBORAN: But the human beings may never realize the importance of the forest. Buakhaw, isn't it better to give up this forest and move somewhere else soon?

PRESENTER: Well, what do you think of the animals’ ideas? What do you think you should do if you were them?

ZOUMAMA: Here, you must be all hungry.

PRESENTER: Zoumama brought a variety of foods.

SHIBORAN: Wow! Where did you get them?

PRESENTER: Shiboran made crackling eyes and asked the question.

ZOUMAMA: Of course, I harvested them in this forest. Although it’s a small quantity, the forest is still alive.

Everyone: Thank you, Zoumama!

PRESENTER: The animals ate the delicious fruits, tree nuts and mushrooms harvested in the forest.


BOUAKHAW: After all, I want to make the forest healthier.

PRESENTER: Said Bouakhaw.

PRESENTER: Boukhaw busily dug the soil and started planting a tree.

BUAKHAW: Heave-ho, heave-ho, heave-ho...... If we plant the tree with all my heart, it should grow big.

PRESENTER: Having seen Bouakhaw in action, the animals made up their minds.

Everyone: Let's plant trees all together.

ALL ANIMALS: Let’s plant trees! Let’s plant!

PRESENTER: They invited other animals. It is getting really lively. It’s a tough job, but seems enjoyable.

BUAKHAW: "Khoep khun khrap" (men)

PRESENTER: Boukhaw thanked the animals who planted the trees. "Khoeup khun khrap" ("Khoeup khun ka" for women) means “thank you” in the Thai language.

PRESENTER: If we work hard together with many friends and if we don’t lose the heart to love the forest, we will surely be able to revive the rich forest. We hope that it will be a forest where the human beings and animals can live together peacefully.

The end.